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AutorDIAS, Anna Pavlova Murta
TítuloAn examination of Central Station (1998) as prototype for a 21st.century genre of Brazilian social drama in cinema
OrientadorFrank Scheide
UniversidadeUniversity of Arkansas
GrauMaster of Arts
Data de entrega2008
Data de defesa2008
Descrição físicav.1; 107 f.
DisponibilidadeBiblioteca UArkansas
ResumoThis thesis examines similarities and dissimilarities among contemporary Brazilian films. As a result, a new genre of social committed films, the Brazilian social drama genre, is proposed. Films belonging to this genre uniquely interpret and recurrently portray two locations, Sertao and favela. They depict social pressing issues relating to Brazilian culture by means of a persuasive discourse that incorporates docudrama conventions. This thesis identifies the organizing principles of the Brazilian social drama genre through an examination of Central Station (1998), a picture that is a major prototype for this genre. An analysis of some of the major 21st century Brazilian features further identifies this genre's conventions. Particular attention is given to important social issues depicted in these films, and their significance to Brazilian society. Furthermore, this thesis challenges current critic positions concerning the nature and existence of the social critique enacted in these films.

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